There is an age after which one’s efficiency decreases. Should young people in the working fields replace all the old people?




Efficiency is simply means the ability of work hard and it is linked with performance as well.Age factor does effect on performance of a person.When a man become aged he can not perform as better as he could have performed in his young age.So it is necessary that new generation should taking place of them.But it also depends on kinds of work.If a person is working physically or he required some extra muscles efforts then it will effect on performance of old person.
On the Other hand if a person work in a office or do an official work then age will not effect as much as it does in physically work.And when it comes technology and advancement or to do a work in short time then young people can better do that, because they have knowledge about today’s technology and advancement.and is we see experience wise old people can perform better then young people.
So some fields are better for young people and some are for old people.

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