zoology is the branch of biology which studies the classification of animals and animal kingdom. Zoology includes the study of structure, classification and habits of the animals and distribution of the animals. It includes both living and extinct, and how they interact with their ecosystems. The term is derived from ancient Greek.
The concept of Zoology was raised as single factor but after the continuous work on this idea by many scientists the zoological sciences emerges from natural history to the work of great scientists that contributed a lot in the field of zoology named Aristotle and Galen. After the contribution of these two Famous scientists this ancient work was further developed by none other than Muslim scientists and scholars. After the 18th and 19th century the zoology become a very important research topic for the scientist. Zoologists while working on this , investigated the relationship between organisms and their environment, the way it depends on geography. This led the base of biogeography and ecology and ethology.
Zoology have a lot of components, just like every other field of science zoology also have many branches include:
Vertebrate zoology
invertebrate zoology
Vertebrate zoology
vertebrate means having a backbone. Mostly this includes animals like fish, birds, reptiles and mammals. These animals are divided into categories like one those who have spinal cord and one those have a distinct differentiated head. These type of animals mostly possess two pairs of limbs and an outer covering which consist of fur, skin and feathers.
Invertebrate Zoology
the word invertebrate means lacking a spinal column. Animals in this type of category include species.
Invertebrates make 90% of the earthy animals. They size vary , ranging from a very small to the larger one as well. These types of animals have very soft bodies and external skeletons as well.
Another field of Zoology is Zoogeography, it is a special field of zoology that studies the geographical distribution of animals and is closely linked with research on the evolution of animal species.The key purpose of zoology is to identify all the animals through there type of classification, their classiication is based upon the accomplishments by comparing the characters and their features, of group of animals. These type of characteristics are different in nature.
Darwin theory:
Darwin was the one who did a great work in the field of zoology . his work led a great revolution in the field of zoology by giving the theory of evolution, he introduce a new approach of thinking towards it. This theory includes the process by which organisms changes over time in their physical or behavioral traits. These changes that allow an organism to better adapt the environment will help the spice to survive.
This field help us a lot in understanding the behavior of animals,and about their life. Without this field it was impossible to know all this.

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