Some people believe that a career choise should be decided based upon the amount of money they can earn whereas others feel job satisfaction should be the primary deciding factor. Do you think money is an important factor when making a career choise and what other factors should be considered?




If we talk about career choise, it largely depends on person’s own interest. Money is just one of the factor.Naturally,I dont think people think about money when they choose career. I believe if any one choose career of his interest, he/she can money to an extent he wants. If person is happy with his profession, he will devote all his energy to do better.Money will definitely be his destiny.If some one has not profession of his interest, he cann’t earn much money even that profession is worthy in respect of earning. In a nutshell, personel interest is everything.

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*career choices
they largely depend on
one of the factors
,when they choose their careers
anyone chooses
can earn more money
If one decides to pursuit a career which is financially rewarding, he or she would be more motivated to work harder

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