IELTS Speaking Part 2 Sample Answer: Describe a challenge that you met.




It was a year ago when my sister challenged me to reduce 20 kg in 2 months. She challenged me in a very condescending manner, so I had to accept her challenge. Although it was a very ambitious plan according to many people, I decided to try my best to lose 20 kg in 2 months. At first, the journey towards losing weight was very difficult. Most of the time, I used to believe that I should just give up since and forgo the plan. Actually, I used to find food to be quite tempting. After mustering a lot of courage, I gave up eating junk. Then, I started going for a walk in the evening. Though I was doing all these things, my weight was not reducing at all, and a day even came when I doubted the idea of pursuing the goal of reducing weight. However, the results started coming out after 2 weeks, and I recall that there was a day, when I even lost the 11 pounds. Luckily, I ended up meeting the challenge.

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