IELTS Speaking Part 2 Sample Answer: Describe a time when weather broke your plans




Last week, we made a plan to have a picnic in a park. It has been a long time that we had not gone for a picnic in the work. Thus, I asked all my cousins to join for the picnic. We had made a plan to reach there at 1pm and have a great time. All my cousins started gathering at my house and all they actually reached earlier. However, as soon as we sat in the cars, it started raining. We had all checked the weather and it was not something which was being anticipated even by the weather forecasters. We all were so much excited, but weather broke our plans. We felt very sad, and that was the day when we decided to eat the food at our homes. Since then, we have not made any plans for a picnic. I think once the rainy season is over, we would go to the park because I want to get mesmerized by the captivating sights over there.

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