IELTS Speaking Part 2 Sample Answer: Describe an important piece of news received via text message.




Last night, I got a text message from PMA (Pakistan Medical Authority). It was a message which filled me with joy. I received it at 10pm. The message was telling that Pakistan has acquired 3 different types of vaccines for Covid-19, and the authority is now requesting the people to participate in the trial before the vaccine is approved. At first, it seemed as if someone was joking as it seemed impossible that we would ever come out victorious from this situation of coronavirus. However, when I called the same number to confirm the news, it was true. It was a relief for me to find out that finally something positive was coming in our way. I shared the news with all my friends and family members, and surprisingly most of them had already received the news on their phones. It was good to see that the government was directly informing the citizens about the positive news rather than just letting the media corporations do it.

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