Scientists have been warning for many years about environmental protection and how important it is to limit our personal energy consumption. What are the causes of the over-consumption of electricity? How can people be encouraged to use less energy?




  It has been asserted that it is imperative to utilize electricity wisely. For this reason, Scientists are concerned for many years and urged the public to protect the environment. In this essay, I will discuss the two main reasons for the over consumption of electricity and possible solutions to address the matter, properly.

  To commence with, the primary reason, by and large, of increased use of electricity is that the public is unaware of its’ detrimental impacts on the environment. Because the public is unable to think of electricity use and its’ link with the ill-effects on the environment. To cite an example, global temperature is increasing due to the production of excessive heat from our daily-use electronics such as a refrigerator, a television and other devices. Similarly, another less significant reason is the irresponsible attitude of the people towards environmental protection as the people are not taking predictions of the Scientists seriously.

  Moving forward to, there are two solutions that can motivate the people to minimise energy expenditure. On the first hand, a government need to regulate a policy of reward to those who utilise energy efficiently while punishment for others. To illustrate, a government of Pakistan offer less price of electricity to farmers when they used electricity in the night in order to reduce the burden on the transformers. Another solution is the public awareness programmes to educate the people regarding the negative consequences of over-use of the electronic devices.

  To conclude, I reiterate that the public education and policies by the state are the need of the hour in order to motivate people to use electricity responsibly. The reduced usage of electricity will help the environment in a very positive way.

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