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Exams can never be a true repersentation of our skills. Discuss both point of views.




Examination is part of educational system from quite a time. Opponents of the approach, consider it is as the best source of accessing person’s caliber and skill and they have arguments in its favour. While the proponents of this approach consider it as more of a mind test rather than absolute representation. I would broach upon both views in subsequent paragraphs.
On the one hand, people are of the opinion that exams are true way to judge an individual skills. As they believe it to be the most practiced traditional way to evaluate. As exam takers has to solve the the test under quantified time. Which some time induces state of pressure and anxiety. People believe that this approach strengthens the time management and stress bearing skills. Which can be helpful in individual’s both professional and personal life. Though, there are certain subjects in which only exams are the real best way to judge an individual performance. For instance a person studying language course, can be better evaluated on grammar, vocabulary and spellings in written form in contrast to using any other alternative assessment techniques.
Proponents of this approach believe that exams are not the true way to judge a student upon. They believe it to be a mind game and test of how well can a person remember and recall. Also how lucky he may gets, during exams. Considering the former stated reasons they take it as a crude and ineffective evaluation methodology. As they are the firm believers of opinion that stress hampers the productivity and performance, they believe on other non conventional methodologies like projects, presentations, debates as more effective ways. Many universities have already adopted the radical approach and use them in various fields like in computer science a major part of a semester criteria depends upon projects, discussions, analysis, researches and a very little percentage constitutes of old exam pattern.
It can be summed as, there are people with both set of opinions over exams being true representation and each have their own perspectives and arguments of their support, but with changing trends it seem like that the trends would be shifted to non conventional evaluation patterns.

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