co education advantages and disadvantges discuss them in both views and give your own opinion.




Co-education means educating boys and girls in the same institution and in the same classrooms.people who are foreign qualified argues that this system of education
is better for them to educate in the same institutions while other thinks that this is not good modern countries this is common trend.
most people considers it good to be educating in same institutions because our country have not enough sources to provide medical equipments and science machinery in
collage loborties separately .they also argue that co-education builds confidence in both sexs and understaning among them which is beneficial for their marriege life.
Apart from this,this trend also produces competition among boys and girls.they gain mannerism that how to behave with each other and other people.
however, some people prohibits this this trend that boys and girls may indulges in malpractices . they take wrong advantage of of this colloeges and universitiee=s
they feel proud of their boyfriends and girlfriends .they also addicted to drugs.they also make illicit relations with each other .people argues that government should make
separate institution for girls as well as for bys.they may fall a victim to their emotions and ruins their lives.
I personally believs that co-education is not a proper way to educate both the have more disadvantges then advantages according to real situation.
Hence my Analysis is that co-education is not our system and we should get rid of it.
the reason is that our religion islam also disallows of free mixing of both research is different from other authors,they only discuss the advantags of co-education and nnever try
to figure out disadvantages.
For exampel ,if you reserch on the internet there are several advantages can be found on this matter and you can never found any disadvantages and if you find
it out there can only be 2 or 3.such type of atmosphere clearly shows biased view of west author and publication on this matter.

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* argue that
Some people consider it good to be educated
Our country does not have ample resources
both genders
prohibit this trend
they also get addicted
I personally believe
more disadvantages than advantages

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