some people get into debt by buying somethings which they dont need and cant afford




most of times some people get into debt just for buying things which they even dont need and also cant afford.this happens because people usually dont get satisfy for what they have like if someone has old model car he would rush to buy a new model car just to show off ar to impress his mates ar friends.but sometimes they get debt to matchup the level or status of their friends or society.they dont really concern that either they need of it or not.i think it is also in humans psyche that they feel more attraction for those things which they dont have.noone can teach them hpw they can avoid these kinds of things except theirself .people should think that if they can survive without that specific thing they should not indulge theirself into debts just to impress others .they should feel satisfy what they have.society should also play some role by helding some awarness programmes which could helpful for those people to get over this kind of inferiority complex

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* Most of the times, people get into debt by buying things they do not need
do not get satisfied
or to impress
it is human nature to feel more attracted towards
a person has to control himself or herself
They should not indulge themselves in
They should feel satisfied

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