Competitiveness is a positive quality for people in most societies.  How does competitiveness affect individuals? Is it a positive or negative trend?




 It has been asserted that a major number  of communities see competitiveness quite optimistically. Although some may disagree with the statement, I believe that competitive nature is the best quality and is a very positive trend which will be discussed in this essay.

 To commence, the competitive nature of an individual produces far more positive impacts. It brings the sense of the responsibility and makes one a little egoistic, a quality that is required to make one master in his work. To cite an example, I always wanted to be the topper of my class back in the university days, and this was the competitive nature that renders me stand among the toppers, and finally, I took a Gold medal in my final year MBBS.

 Moving forward, employers usually prefer the employees who have a competitive nature. The reason is, the competitiveness of the workers make the firm or a company unique among all other corporations. The Bata shoe stores, for instance, top the list in a recent survey published in the Dawn Magazine, Pakistan. The company in the official statement states that we offer bonuses to the employees who compete with other colleagues, therefore, we stand first.

Moreover, an employer, who is competitive by nature, is able to take risks in his business which help him and the business to prosper more as compared to other non-competitive owners of the firms and corporations.

 To conclude, I reiterate that competitiveness produces a positive influence on the individuals’ performance and make them achieve their goals. Hence competitiveness is a positive trend.

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