Formation of tomato ketchup




This picture illustrates the formation of tomato ketchup. There are 15 stages in the diagram, from picking fresh tomatoes to eating it with burgers and fries.
To begin with, pick fresh tomatoes and put them in a basket. After picking, the next step is sorting out good tomatoes. These fresh and good tomatoes are then send to the factories where stalk, skin and seeds of tomatoes are removed. Then, they are placed into the container. In a container, they are crushed. The following is adding sugar, vinegar and salt. After the addition of ingredients, It is boiled. It is then left for two-hours. Ketchup is poured into the glass bottles. After filling, bottles are labelled. They are send to quality control laboratory for testing. After being tested, they are packed in cartons. They are finally delivered to super-markets for costumer’s use. People enjoy ketchup with a large variety of food including burgers, fries etc.

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Sugar, vinegar, and salt are added.
They are sent to quality control

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