Good habits improve our physical, emotional and/or financial health.Select one of your good habits and write an essay persuading readers to make that habit a part of their lives




Good habits always have good impact on someone’s wellbeing.It may be physical, mental or financial health.I have many good habits like to do breakfast in time, do a walk or an exercise and go to bed early at night.All these no doubt improve our physical health.But its famous saying that healthy body has healthy mind.And healthy mind obviously leads to improvement of our daily business.The most important of my good routines is to take breakfast in the morning.Many people skip it which is very harmful.
When we wake up in the morning, our cortisol hormone is at its peak.Cortisol is a stress hormone.Its secretion is a cyclical process.Its lowest level in blood is at night during sleep.So in morning we have more capacity to do different activities and these activities do need energy.But if breakfast is skipped, the body would feel lethargic and hypoactive.
Similarly skipping breakfast doesnt help in controlling body weight.As empty stomach sends signals for conserving body fats.Secondly, skipping one meal leads to increased appetite and double calouries may be poured into the body in the next meal.So having low carbohydrate but high proteinacious breakfast is very important for healthy body and mind.

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