If someone discovered a formula that would enable us to live forever .would that be a blessing or a curse?




Though discoveing a formula for eternal life would be a miracle but it would not have good outcomes.Because its action would only be to prolog the life quantity but not to improve its quality.As the life goes on and the man starts getting older, his or her capabilities also start declining.So having a very long life is not a good idea from this point of view.
similarly,the population rise would be in forward direction and there will be no decline in olders to give their place to the coming new younger population.In this way population burst may occur and it may lead to depletion of resources.And hunger may prevail everywhere.The number of dependents would be more than earning members and it may lead to crash of country’s economy.So formula for being eternal would be a curse for this earth.And yes if it happens it should also have ability to improve quality of life as well

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