In some cultures, children are told that with hardwork anything can be achieved. Advantages and disadvantages of this advice




It is asserted by some people of different cultures that it is possible to achieve anything, if you are putting all your efforts into it. This advise has both it’s pros and cons. Hence, I will through light on both of these in my essay ahead.

To begin with, aforementioned advise is very necessary for children’s as it will motivate them and will make them able to achieve for whatever task they are working. For instance, if children’s are preparing for their exams and giving their full effort into it, they might get higher grades as compared to other lazy students. Also, hardworking children’s are appreciated in their families and social circle, so their confidence level is boosted which will help them in their future.

Moving forward to disadvantages, the greatest one is, if one is not able to achieve his task despite his full potential of efforts, they may get dis-hearted and can go in a state of depression. For example, I know one of my junior in school who commit suicide because of low grades in his class. Moreover, some task requires more intelligence and natural talent rather than hard work. For example, playing chess requires high level of intelligence quotient and it is the thing that you got by birth.

To conclude my essay, I would like to reiterate that advantages far exceeds disadvantages and advise of hard-working should be given by elders to their children in order to achieve their goal and fulfil their dreams

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