Most parents require their children to indulge in outdoor activities. Is this positive or negative development? What other things should parents encourage to their children to do and why?




Most parents want their children to get involve in outdoor activities. In my opinion, It will be beneficial as it has advantages associated with it in terms of physical fitness and social exposure.
Firstly, Physical health is a factor about which, people are more concerned nowadays, and outdoor activities like sports play a vital role to maintain physical health to an appropriate level which will eventually lead to mental fitness. For example, a recent research paper has been issued by National hospital, wherein, it has been revealed that people who have outdoor activities in their daily routine are less expose to the deceases.
Secondly, outdoor activity creates an opportunity to spend sometime outside, which will help children to inflate their pool of friends and to socialize, which will eventually expose them towards the people of different mind set so when they will turn into their practical life, they will be more prepared for the real world problems or challenges. For Example, recently an article has been published in Dawn news paper, according to which children who have regularly involve in outdoor activities have much social contacts rather than children whose whereabouts are just school.
To sum up, In my opinion, outdoor activities play a vital role in the well being of the children. They are more healthy than other children and they are more social in their practical life.

Parents should also encourage their children to mull on their interpersonal skills which will enable them to grow in a batter way for their practical life as potential employers prefer the one having his interpersonal skills up-to the mark.

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to get involved
physical health is an issue about which people are very much concerned
(are less expose to the deceases)
(inflate their pool)
practical lives
For example,
who are regularly involved in
They are healthier than other children
in their practical lives
, which will enable them

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