Everyone should become vegetarian because they do not need to eat meat to have balanced diet. Do you agree or disagree?




Many people thinks that there is no need to have meat in a daily diet, and plant-based food should be preferred. I tend to disagree with this statement, since meat is a vital source of minerals and vitamins. Moreover, meat is an essential food item for athletes and body builders to develop their muscles quickly.

Humans derive multiple nutrients from meat, and its usage helps them to keep their bodies healthy. Meat has plethora of minerals and vitamins, for instance, Protein, zinc and iron are the nutrients which our body needs primarily. Protein is present everywhere in our body like bones, skin and hairs. Furthermore, it is a vital source of fuel for body, and helps body to repair cells. It is important for growth and development of children, teens and pregnant women. Another important nutrient is zinc which helps in metabolism and immune system, and increases men/women reproduction power. Iron also plays an important role in oxygen transport in a body. School of medicine, USA revealed that average protein intake of 50 grams daily is a must for every young adults, to grow at full strength.

Secondly, sportsmen and body builders needs higher quantities of meat in their food since they do heavy workout. Consumption of meat provides muscles growth and improves body strength. Therefore, instead of consuming artificial supplements, they can choose meat to serve the purpose. Vegetables foods do not produce instant energy and it too long time to grow muscle.

In my opinion, despite the fact that vegetables foods is necessary for us to have balanced diet, it cannot replace meat which has an indispensable role in maintaining good health and body growth.

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