Reading comics only rot the children’s mind than to provide any good education . Agree/ Disagree.




Behind minds , its not comics that matters its ”READING ” that matters and relates to one’s intellectual property. Actually if we talk about different educational sources of our time ,one word ”INTERNET” would shelter all means and medium.
Internet being an enormous advancement of era in educational zone, has clearly wiped out our children’s interest for reading.On the other hand , lack of motivation are depriving children of experiencing unique mental activity that can only be offered by reading.Scientist s have proven in the past that reading stimulates different parts of brain and helps against cognitive decline.
By any means of reading , i feel it would be unfair to consider comics rottening children’s mind. Reading comics can serve as one of the initial steps in developing children’s interest for literature.
Children lacking their laugh are”INCOMPLETE”. Its truly all about smiles , giggles and laugh that complete their world. Reading comics ,do provide them a good indoor way to connect themselves to their innocent world.
”LAUGHING ”is an excellent way to reduce stress in our lives, and it helps to cope up with a stressful lifestyle and tight routine hours of work ranging from offices to schools.
I would not agree about reading comics, as an rottening source of children’s mind. If we analyse keen around, while keeping awareness of the sensitivity of children’s world and minds we will conclude for sure that its their”LAUGH” and”RELAXATION”that would not let their minds to be rotten. And deprivation of anyone of them can rot their minds and impure their world.

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lack of motivation is depriving
“I” will always be in capital letter
You have ambiguity regarding the topic as comics is not always about funny stories, they are actually books with pictures.

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