Some people think that high-end technology can prevent and cut down the crime rate. Do you agree or disagree?




Some people argue that frequency of crimes could be reduced by utilizing state of the art technology. I tend to agree with this statement, as advent of the new security tools and latest forensic methods has helped vitally in controlling crime.

Firstly, CCTV cameras have helped society in an innumerable way. These cameras could be installed at any place for surveillance and vigilance. Furthermore, they can focus and record suspicious activities, even in night darkness. In addition to home security, it has been used multi-purposely in industries, educational institutes, and public places. These cameras are major deterrent to crime. Pakistan’s government has launched a Lahore Safe City Project in 2012. Every corner of Lahore city had been covered under the eyes of cameras. As a result, it has helped police to arrest many culprits, and maintain peace in city. According to survey done by Lahore crime department, the crime rate reduced to 35%, after launch of this project, and this project was an instant hit. This also has generated many economic activities in the city.
Secondly, latest forensic labs with up to date equipment and techniques have helped security agencies to detect crime, and solve old criminal cases instantly in an effective way. This also has discouraged people to take law in their hands as it is very easy to go behind perpetrators. Islamabad police department did a study and reveled that after establishment of forensic lab in Islamabad, efficiency of department in solving cases drastically by 20%. This has increased confidence of businessmen and foreign investors. The foreign investment in Islamabad has been increased significantly because of improved law and order situation
To conclude, the latest technology has played a pivotal role in eradicating crime and it is imperative to keep upgrading this technology with the passage of time.

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It is believed that wrong doing rate can be reduced by using cutting-edge technology. I agree with this view .Using CCTV cameras on roads ,introducing biometric system in
offices,gyms,organizations,banks can prove to be effective in cut down the crime rate.
To begin with ,people do scandal as they believe nobody is watching them. However,if government bodies install cameras on roads and famous places, this can help in reducing law voilation. For instance ,according to the survey from city 42 news ,voilation rate in lahore has been reduced by installing millions of cameras in public places .

Another major issue is people do corruption as they are of the view that they cannot be caught. For instance ,in job places ,people often come late and mark their regular attendance.However , if companies replace attendance register from biometric system , no one would be able to change into these entries and corruption can be change .

Finally ,individuals are involved in various crimes and show that ,they weren’t present on crime spots .Although , with the aid of mobile location ,police can easily prove that suspect is lying. To examplify , crime investigation agencies ,like cyber crime department in our country,now start using mobile locating data to solve crime cases,which help them to solve cases easily and it helps into reduced wrong doing as people know they can get caught.

In a nut shell ,reducing voilation is top -notch challenges lately facing by many agencies of our country.Though i believe this can be reduced by using various high tech technologies such as cctv cameras , biometric,forensic reports .

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