The current trend in education is to move away from traditional exams and instead have continuous assessment over the school year. What do you think of this trend? Give reasons and any relevant examples




Education plays pivotal role in development of a society. It is asserted by some, including myself, that pupils should be kept busy throughout the year in term of assessing them rather than yearly or six monthly exams. This trend his developed for many reasons, and, although, I hold quite optimistic opinion {and will be evident from this essay}, that this trend will bring significant improvement in the level of education.

To begin with, by far, one of the primary reason of this trend {that come into my observation is}, school going children used to study only during their exams rather than study from start of the year. Therefore, this attitude waste[s] them a lot of time, resulting in lower grades. Apart from it, continuous assessment throughout the year keep((X(s)X)) children from more hard work during one time exam in the year, instead they study at their normal daily routine and when there is time, they are ready for [the] exams.

Moreover, memorization by repetition or rote learning is a curse that major portion of students do[DOES], to prepare (not prepared) themselves for traditional exams[,] because they have forgotten the things they study early in the year.

Moving forward to {further advance my essay}, I were(was) given a project to findout[02words] depression and anxiety in the school going children before, during and after exams, during my higher studies. Hence, it is no doubt that children having yearly exams suffer more from psychiatric illnesses than those having semester exams. In contrast to traditional exams in Pakistan, one of my friend shifted to US for his International(i) relation studies and now enjoying the fruits of monthly exams.

To conclude, I would like to reiterate that monthly assessments can be more valuable in term of improving quality of education, provided that government should implement policies and monitor the education level.

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