The migration or people from rural communities to large developed cities is increasing in many developing countries. Why do you think this happens and what problems can this cause?




Currently, migration is the movement by the people from one place to another with the intentions of settling, permanently or temporarily in a new location. Nowadays, migration is rapidly increasing from rural to urban cities all over the world. As, it is very serious issue in the development countries because facilities are less and unavailable to the people in the urban areas. As far as it is concerned, this is happening very faster and creating major problems in the cities.
To begin with, migration from rural areas to urban areas has been increased in past few years like India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. So many people are migrating to live better life, and employment opportunities are the most common reason due to which people migrate. Except this, lack of opportunities, better education, better treatment facilities, globalization, natural disaster (flood and drought). These can be the reasons due to which villagers migrate to the urban cities.
Furthermore, this type of abnormal migration can be created many negative consequences in the urban areas. For instance, many migrants are completely illiterate and uneducated in the developing countries like India. Therefore, they are not only unfit for most jobs, but also lack of basic knowledge and skills. Moreover, large population puts too much pressure on natural resources, amenities and services. This is fact that it is difficult for a villager to survive in the urban areas, because there is no natural environment and pure air and water in the urban areas. They have to pay for each and everything. Environmental pollution and traffic issues would be increased in the urban cities due to migration.
In conclusion, villages are the beautiful areas, where people live in a natural environment, soothing sounds, flowing river, the murmur of trees and the chirping of birds. Hence, government should take action and provide the basic facilities to the people such as job opportunities, better hospitals, and better education to reduce the migration issue.

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