The threat of nuclear weapons maintains world peace. Nuclear power provides cheap and clean energy. The benefits of nuclear technology far overweigh the disadvantages. Do you agree or disagree?




In this topic two points are discuss. One is Threat of nuclear weapons maintains world peace , i am personally agree with it because now this time when every country want to attack on other country it is very important need, its make conflict between others. Second is nuclear power provide safe and cheep energy i also agree with it because it is very cheep way to produce the energy.

Threat of nuclear power maintain the peace of the world because now this time in the world every country want to attach on other country in the lust of resources like water, petrol , Gas etc.Many countries want to attack on other countries and Governance on it but if any country have nuclear weapons then its make a conflict between others , if any country have no nuclear weapons and have not better resources of nuclear weapons then other countries attach on it and want to governance on it , there are many examples , its big examples are those countries like Sham , Falasteen , Iraq etc , these countries have no nuclear power so many other countries involve in matters of these countries and main purpose of other countries want to governance on it .

Nuclear Power provide cheep and clean way of energy , there are several advantages of nuclear power , for example very low Co2 footprint and consume low cost as compare to other way to get energy. If we get energy from other ways like use of water , Sun light , wind power plant etc these are all take too much cost and take too much resources as compare to nuclear power plant. Nuclear power is very cleanest way to provide energy because its throw out clean Carbon di oxide as compare to others.

So the Threat of Nuclear weapons is good because its conflict between to others and also nuclear power is clean and cheep way to produce the energy .

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