These days many families move to other countries for work. Some people believe that the children in these families benefit from this move. However, others believe that it makes life more difficult for the children. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.




Recent advancements in technology and transportation in particular has changed the world order. Today, it is not unusual for people to work abroad. Most expatriates relocate their families to the countries at. Most people argue that this phenomena negatively impacts their children, however, I agree with those who believe the opposite is true.
Those who think that relocating children to a new place is undesirable do so for many reasons. Their most common argument is the negative impact of moving on a child’s personality. There is no doubt that living in a new community comes with its challenges especially for young people, as they get exposed to behaviors and actions they might not be familiar with. As a result, children feel lack of stability and some confusion. It is also likely that their bonding with their mother country could weaken as they miss many opportunities to celebrate their national events.
Nevertheless, I firmly believe that opinion to be ludicrous, as it seems that getting exposed to a new culture is beneficial in many ways. It fosters young people social and emotional abilities. Moreover, children living abroad have better opportunities to learn and practice new languages. It enhances their mental capabilities. According to the University of Chicago, competency in more than one language increases employment chances by 200%.
In conclusion, I strongly believe that living in a different country positively affects children in all aspects. Acquiring new language, an open minded and tolerant personality are few of many advantages.

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