To what extent are social class differences disappearing in modern industrial societies?




In the modern industrial societies, peoples’ lifestyles have changed, so have their living standards. Along this, the levels of education have also increased by which people have known how the class differences have negatively effected the society. However, no society has been completely successful to overcome the social class differences. It can be said that there is equal legal system, developed educational system, and authority to rights , but such differences are still there in the society one way or another.
Pakistan is an excellent example of social class differences. Pakistan being a modern industrial society still suffers from this impediment. Still about 21% of people live below the poverty line. However, over the years people have been given awareness of their rights, and now have the capacity and ability to advocate for them.
As a whole, it can not be said that there hasn’t been any improvement in the situation of social class differences, yet societies are still struggling to overcome it.

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