A few decades ago, many families had half a dozen or more children. Nowadays, more and more families are choosing to have only one or two children. Are smaller families better than larger ones?




If we have a look on the current economy situation it is gradually falling down. It became harder and harder to meet the both ends. There are less jobs and lesser opportunities to get a good fair income to take care of our families. Beside this if we look into to the world population it is growing much faster than the last century, in year 2013 world population cross the 7billion figure which was in between 2 and 4billion in the middle of the last century. This fact is highlighting the issue that we will soon have a shortage of natural resources and other ingredients which are necessary to sustain the human life on the planet.
On average a family consist of more than five family member which is another factor that is making it tougher to get the bread and eggs to look after the family. In the current situation we are living in, it will be a real challenge for us to cope up with the responsibilities. This is the reason now families are choosing to have only one or 2 children. Having more children means that having more responsibilities, more money and more space because no parents can bear that they failed to provide their children what they actually deserve. China is a good example it is highly populated country and china passed a law that if a family is planning to have a baby they can have only one baby otherwise there will be consequences, and without the permission of the government they can’t go for a 2nd baby. Why china made this rule because they are already overly populated and they predict that if their population continues to grow at this rate it would be impossible for them to look after their nation. At this rate they soon will have a dearth of employment and a dearth of natural resources too. Although larger families have its benefits that you have more hands to earn rather than few but the in current situation it will be a real challenge.
So under the current scenario where our economy is struggling and unemployment rate is getting higher it is the most optimized and wise option that families are deciding to have one baby or two.

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