Good habits improve our physical, emotional, and/or financial health. Select one of your good habits and write an essay persuading readers to make that habit a part of their lives.




When we think about habits what are they actually? In my opinion habits are the depiction of our personality or our habits built us who we are in real. So we should be very careful while we are making an activity our habit because it would have some effects on our body and on our personality and it may change us in a way that we never have been in the past. Like after a long time you met your friend and you just shocked when you observer his/her activities because he is a changed person than once he was. This is because his activities and habits are different now and you found him a total new person.
It is said that a health body has a health mind. So one habit I want everyone to adopt is early morning exercise or morning walk. If we look at the affects it is putting on us are enormous. Like by getting up early in the morning will make us punctual and we will not be late from our work, we will be in time and it will give a good impression on our employer.
it is said that if we get early in the morning our mind will be in a position to give you the best of it and when we go out for a walk it enhance our health, we get a fresh air which itself is very healthy then we walk and get sweat which actually tune our body and keep us smart and healthy like our heart pumping system enhance and fats burn if we practice this habit and it will boost our lungs health. When we breathe in a fresh air and watch the greenery which is very healthy for our eye and mind functionalities. This habit will keep us active and ready to face any daily life challenges in a more effective and impressive way. Our overall progress will be enhances because our mind is in the right place to do our task.
The most important factor that morning walk will enhance and empower our immune system and we have much greater resistance against diseases that’s why the people who are habitual of doing morning walk are much healthier than the people who don’t have this kind of habit.

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