Advances in computer technology allow young adults to work from home and children to study at home. Do you think this is a positive or negative change?




Advancement in the field of information technology has made professionals to work at home, and students taking classes online. This is very positive trend and it is very beneficial for society.

Nowadays, after novel coronavirus epidemic, there has been strict lockdown prevailing in most of the countries. The corporates and education institutions closed for indefinite period. Moreover, many lost their jobs. Here role of I.T emerged strongly. Despite of the fact that cost of providing latest gadgets to employees increased significantly, the organizations kept on working remotely. This resulted in an increased productivity of employees, as well as improvement in work-life balance to greater extent. Atlas Honda has achieved its highest ever sales in this October 2020 as it was working on this concept. Mercer Pakistan did a study and revealed that efficiency of workers who have been provided work from home increased upto 30 percent.

Secondly, the employers also got its fruit. The operational cost of their businesses reduced remarkably. The cost of transportation, meals, electricity and utilities went down substantially. Without availability of latest technology, it would not been possible. Some organizations served their customers satisfactorily, even though the companies were closing at that time due to losses. The google had reduced its operational cost to US$ 50 million in last quarter. The US department of labor published survey results that revealed that tech companies have not fired a single worker during this financial year.

On the other side, there are also some negative points associated with work from home. The distractions at home and isolation of employees affect them socially and psychologically. There is an increased responsibility on soulmates and mothers when husbands and kids are at home. The UK department of justice revealed report that divorce rate increased 2 times during recent lockdown.

In my opinion working at home and getting learning online by use of technology outweighs its drawbacks and it is very positive trend.

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