Some people think that the government is wasting money by funding the arts and this money could be better spent elsewhere. To what extent do you agree with this view?




It is believed that government are spending more money on promotion of arts which is not justifiable and do not worth much, and they should invest it somewhere else. I tend to disagree with the statement.

Importance of studying arts for both kids and elder people is undeniable. Arts are greatly connected with generating creativity and innovative skills. Furthermore critical thinking skills leads to the development of the world. It has served humankind greatly. The Taj Mahal, Wall of China, and great pyramids of Egypt are true depiction of fabulous artistic skills. These wonder of the world served as basis of great knowledge creation in the field of architecture. UK government did a survey and revealed results that students who studies arts in their school or colleges scored high on creativity.
Nowadays, people are pursuing more careers in arts. They learn how to make paintings and sculptures. What is more, music and drama industry is greatly entertaining us in our gloomy time. These artist and celebrities give us pleasure. Despite of the fact that they pay heavy taxes, they do great social work. The US labor department shared a study that only 10 percent of people associated with arts are unemployed.
Arts helps native to know their culture and history. In addition to that, foreigners find it as very helpful. Rome, Iran, Egypt, Italy and Turkey are countries with rich cultural history. Many foreigners visit these countries regularly. This results in generation of excellent economic activity. The World Bank did study and revealed the countries with history of arts orientation have high gross domestic product.

So in my opinion, government should spend more extravagantly in arts development as it is very beneficial for both people and government.

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