assigning homeowrk to children should be discourged as it reduces productivity.




Home assignments are considered to be primitive ways of learning and increasing productivity, proponents of this notion have myriad reasons for this agreement. On the contrary, some people argue upon giving assignments as they believe it hampers the productivity. I would broach upon both the sides in following paragraphs.
One compelling argument in the favour of the statement is for being a primitive and widely practiced and testified methodology. As they consider it as a source of revision, for what students have learned at school. They consider the home based tasks as a way to reinforce and recall every detail they have studied. As they take it as a way of practice. Such people are of the opinion that by adopting this strategy the individuals can be made more focused and study oriented.
Proponents of this view, disagree with this notion and according to them home based assignments do a little good on and majorly it hinders one’s performance and productivity. Their concepts are based on the basis of letting the schools be a studying place and home to be a relaxing place, rather than making family time more of a study time. They believe in letting the students enjoy their time and have a work life balance. They are of the opinion that children should be allowed and not persuaded to relive the school routine in their leisure time. They should be allowed to play with friends, have family time. They believe that over emphasising and imposing studies onto them will induce pressure and stress.
It can be summed up, both the approaches and their followers have their own arguments and reasons. Some people that it elevates the productivity, while others are of the opinion that this approach induces more stress and hampers individual strengths and performance.

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