Deciding the size of one’s own family is a personal preference. In your opinion should government intervene in the rights of the individual with regard to family planning?




Seven (7) billion plus population of our world is more than, ever before in the history of human race. Moreover, there is an ongoing debate on making a cut to the steep growth in birth rate. Numerous states have already legislated regarding this matter and many are planning to do so in the near future. Despite the fact that , it has not proven to be a popular decision in people.
A general perception is that, people dislike if governments put nose in their personal matters. Despite the fact, that people get annoyed, administrations continue to develop and implement population control mechanisms. There are certain justifications which strongly are against this unwanted intervention, like, social needs and religious beliefs. An argument is that, it is a person’s fundamental right to decide what kind of family he/she wants. In addition to this, controlling population intentionally, is in contradiction with guidelines laid by some religions, like Christianity and Islam.
Furthermore, in some countries for instance, china and Singapore, laws have been passed to demotivate people from having more than one (1) or two (2) children. I have personally discussed this matter with the some Chinese friends in response to which they criticized their parliamentarians, who have defined these rules.
However, another vast majority supports the idea of state controlled population. They argue that, welfare states like, Canada, Australia and England, have to bear the burden of increasing population. It causes loss to economy and tax payer’s money, in form of state supported benefits to its residents for example, medical and free education.
In a nutshell, my opinion upon this matter is that, officials of the state might educate citizens about the pros and cons of family planning but have no right to forcefully impose their decision.

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In order to make complex sentence structure, you have made wrong sentences. Please avoid them.

Most people denounce the interference of government agencies in their private matters.

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