Giving children and adolescents pocket money Is common Throughout the world  discuss its advantages and disadvantages and also give your opinion




Pocket money is essential element and is considered very important for childrens and adolescents as they are not earning money and are dependent on others. This is common practice in all over the world. However, being dependent on others for their own well being in form of the pocket money is associated with both pros and cons and I will discussed them both in this essay. Also, I am in opinion that advantages far exceeds disadvantages and this is the basic right of children’s under 18 years.

To begin with, children’s under eighteen years are usually not allowed to work in many part of the world and considered illegal. In order to fulfill the basic needs of the child, parents are responsible to provide for them so that they can enjoy their childhood better. Also, children’s can concentrate fully on their studies if they are free of stress of earning money.

Moving forward to disadvantages, childrens can become callous of finances as they are not earning for themselves but their parents . Moreover, children’s can get into trouble and may involve in wrong social practices such as smoking cigarettes or can spend their money carelessly on unwanted things.

UPTO my mind, I think that pocket money should be given as it’s pros exceeds it’s cons.

To conclude, parents are responsible for giving pocket money to their children’s to make them enjoy their childhood and stay focused on their studies.

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