Health and fitness level in children and teenagers are declining now .Therefore, physical education and sports should be compulsory for the students in all schools .To what extent you are agree and disagree?




Regular exercise is the key to good health.It is usually believed to be beneficial for both children and adolescents.Hence ,there is a strong belief that sports and physical education should be mandatory for all students in every educational institution. I totally agree with this view .

Making physical exercise a daily regimen for kids and teenagers will not only make themselves physically fit and mentally alert ,but also keeps them save from diseases like ; obesity , chronic ,joint pain etc .Exercise doesn’t mean to do intense workout or muscle training ,especially for growing generation ,It can be in any form like cycling, jogging ,running ,jumping on trampoline and playing sports like cricket ,football , squash etc .Exercise not only enhances stamina ,it also improves blood circulation ,improves breathing rate ,boast metabolism due to this ,digestion work faster . Secondly ,exercise improves concentration which can be really beneficial academically. According to the recent survey ,teenagers and children who exercise daily ,are found to be slimmer, leaner ,intelligent ,active than their counterparts. Due to this reason ,exercising is really beneficial to all including children and adolescents.

Considering the aforementioned benefits, physical education and sports should be made compulsory for students in every educational institution so that it can be inculcated as a habit from the very initial stage of life. Habits learned in childhood will stay with them for the rest of their lives .Moreover ,regulary practising a sport can enables a person to polish their talent and their might be able to build a career in sports. Practising sports can also help youngsters to build sportsman spirit as well .For these reasons , physical education and sports should be compulsory for all students in every educational institutes.

In a nutshell ,exercising is a crucial factor in one’s life. Since it not only keeps youngsters active and lean ,it also enhances life expentancy .

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