In order keep the students more focused, the sports classes should be stopped in High schools. You think this will be a right approach for a better generation?




Sports and games are the indispensable activities in lives of the students along with their Academics. It enhances the ability of the student to think out of the way and do something extraordinary in their studies too. Every time doing studies can make students get bored and lethargic, in this circumstances, playing sports and games are the best activities to make them more focused in their studies and get good grades. I believe, sports should be the mandatory part of studies during education.

Sports are the best option for the students in their spare time. Because it makes them busy doing something and it will not leave them idle. Being idle distract students to do some kind of criminal activities such as intake of drugs, mugging and other types of crimes. So doing sport will allow them to stay active and it can make them control themselves without having any bad influence of evil things.

Doing a different kind of sports allow students to use their mind and body. It will ultimately make them more consistent in their life, so they will have a tendency to face failure, pain, and setback etc. And continuously doing things with determination without giving up. By this way, they can prove themselves in their studies and other fields of life.

There should be some limitations of playing sports because if students indulge in playing sports all the time then students would be detracted from their primary goals. Equilibrium should be maintained between studies and sports in order to get better results in studies and.

No matter if students study in primary, secondary and high school. Sports classes should be the part of their studies and it should not be stopped. If it were stopped then students get lazy in their studies and they would not be able to get good grades in their studies.

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