In some countries, owing a home rather than renting one is very important for people. Why might is be the case. Do you think this is a possitive or negative situation.




In few countries, having an own house, instead of living in another person’s home as a tenant, is much vital for people. Therefore, firstly, this essay will discuss the reasons behind owing a home. Moreover, whether it is a positivite or negative condition, would be discussed.
In some countries, because owing an own house is a sign of social status, the people appereciate those individuals, who live in their own homes. For that reason, they work hard for building, and managing their own home. As a result, their social status escalate in the society. For instance, In developing countries like Pakistan, people always berate those individuals, who do not own their own home, and are forced to live in rental houses, with the payment of a cash in form of rent. Hence, they are not valued by owner. The recent survey has been done by a University of the Punjab, which shows that 68% of the population is a status concious, and prefer their own houses.
Furthermore, It provides him a freedom to live without any hesitation. Like, In rental houses, tenant has to follow all the rules of staying in home, set by the owner. In addition to this, he has to come up with the standard (proposed by the owner). In case, he doesn’t fulfill the requirements, he would be asked to leave the home with acidic comments by the owner of the house. However, he can enjoy the autonomy in their own home without any person’s pressure. He can do all the chores of his desire. To illustrate, my friend was living in a tiny room, which she had taken on a rent. At her graduation, she invites her companions for celebration, but the renter didn’t allow him to do so. For that reason, she was asked to leave the room by owner.
As it has a myriad of edges; therefore, it is a positive situation in a country. When people have their own homes, they don’t need to stick with the lots of stress pertaining to rent, belligerent activities, and other house relating issues, given by the owner. It helps in escalating his respite. For example, If person has an own home, and he has an emotional attachment with it, he doesn’t not need to worried about leaving it.
Also, it is a notable mean of income for the people, particularly for old-age people. As they grow up, they couldn’t job hard. As well as, they couldn’t keep the same capacity of hard working till his elderly age. Thus, In their elderly age, they can earn the income by giving the home on rent.
In conclusion, It has become necessary for people to have their own home, for which they should work hard. Undoubtedly, it will abate their mental stress, and enhance their income with social status, in this acidic and competitive society.

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* (Moreover, whether it is a positivite or negative condition, would be discussed.)
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