Money ought to be spent on new public buildings such as museums or town halls rather than renovating existing ones. To what extent do you agree or disagree?




As we know, every country allocates funds for public interest’s projects to create new buildings or either renovate the existing ones. Despite of the fact construction of new landmarks would create employment, i believe in the renovation of existing buildings first. However, the surplus amount can be utilize for the construction of new ones. By considering new construction policy, it would be expensive, un-appropriate money use, burden upon public interest and many more.

To begin with, estsblishing new landmarks should be proportionate to the public need which requires construction of new projects should be as per the population growth. Otherwise it would be wrong use of taxpayers.

Even though building new museums, town halls lead to growth in construction sector, it can be un-suitable as these projects requires long time period as well as huge budgets. Although base matters, Buildings depriciate over the period 20 to 100 years approximately. Despite of the fact that normal wear ane tear exist, the furniture and fixtures have lesser life 5 to 10 years only. I
Since we know, Its more suitable to replace these with new one along.
To sum up, i believe in maximum utilisation of each thing especially money. By focusing, re-construciton/ renovation of existing ones, amount can be wisely utilize. On the other hand excessive finance can be spent upon well-being betterment or other productive projects.

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Projects of public interest
I believe
Can be utilized
And would be deemed as inappropriate use of money
Wrong sentence with “even though”

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