Most criminals are set free once they finish their jail terms. Is the re introduction of criminals in societies is justified.




It is said that “To err is human”, nobody is perfect in this world. We commit mistakes, sometime they are deliberately and sometime it just happened. we get penalized due to our crime and put into penitentiary.
why we put into lockup? because in the penitentiary we correct our self and pay our time over there against our crime. When we got free we have paid what we have done, so now we have the right to re-introduce in the society as a noble being.
we should not be consider as a convicted fellow in the society because we are free now and we want to be redeemed. If society do not support us in getting up on our feet we will be compelled to commit that mistake again. Society should welcome penalized criminals who paid their debts, after all they are humans and they should be equally treated as a not convicted human being.
we should have treat them as a normal person and give them respect. By doing this we are showing that how we are different from the criminals. We should convince them by being better than them and by being open heart and open mind.
If we want to be have a peace in our society we must give respect and must accept the convicted people and help them in any way we can.

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“Many grammatical mistakes” I will discuss in life
they are deliberate and sometimes they just happen.

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