Should poor countries continue to receive International Aids? Give your views in not less than 250 words




Poor countries are those countries which are deprived of the basic necessities, they don’t have resources to make their country economically and socially better and ultimately the life of the people are to be worsened with every single passing day. Some people have with the opinion that international aids to developing countries is a good initiative for their betterment and other have a view that if it were continued for a long time it would make people lethargic. In my opinion, before reaching to any conclusion we should discuss both points of view to draw a clear picture for understanding.
I would like to begin by discussing the point if underprivileged countries receive the donation from advanced countries for improving the educational system. It would help them to produce a number of educated persons which would play the pivotal for the development of the country. Given donation to poor countries in order to improve the health system which would certainly save the lives of the people from trivial diseases. By using international aids, making a system which serves as a tool to improve the law and order situation and eradicate crimes from the lives of the people.
Nonetheless, international aids make the people of the poor country as slaves for their whole life and they are not willing to do something new and better to make a difference. It would also create some social problems in the society such as people will engage in criminal activities and create violence in the country which would ultimately destroy the law and order situation. Another issue can create problems in the lives of people and that is an uneven distribution of the international aids by the authorities in the country and circumstances are remain the same.
To put it into the nutshell, international aid could be proved the best only when it has to be utilized on the project to the betterment of the country and lives of the people including set some checks either spending in the appropriate way or not.

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