Some people believe that children who commit crimes should be punished ?Others think that parents should be punished instead? Discuss both views including your opinion.




No doubt,parents play a crucial role in shaping the character of their children.Since children are too young and immature mentally to understand and recognize what is right and wrong . It is the utmost responsibilty of the parents to guide them in the right direction. Hence ,i agree with the arguement that parents should be held responsible for the actions of their offsprings.

Children have impressionable minds . They aquire their values and morals from their parents. For instance ,kid born in a good family learn good words and moral stories from the elderly family members.Therfore ,when they find themselves in a difficult and unfavorable conditions, they know how to keep their emotions in check and respond polietly. This restraint that they learn from their family will prevent them from acting aggressively and getting in trouble .

By contrast ,a child from bad family may assimilate the bad qualities of their parents .Since they often get exposed to verbal and physical abuse they will assure that violence and aggression are normal and acceptable.It is the only matter of time before they commit crime outside the homes. For instance , the mother of 12 years old boy was penalized to drive a car .He caused an accident and the judge who heard the case ,held his mother responsible because in his opinion ,it was his mother responsibilty to not allow her underage boy for driving. Thus ,parents are accountable for the actions of their offsprings .

In a nutshell, after analyzing ,it is not hard to see the parents in raising law abiden citizens. Hence i believed that parents should be held accountable for the false acts of their offsprings .

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