IELTS Essay Band 7: Some people think watching movies is a waste of time. Do you agree or disagree?




In my opinion, movies are not a waste of time. Movies teach us lessons with reference to life. Movies educate us and opens the frames of our minds. Movies can be used for inspirational and educational purposes so they are not always a waste of time. Art is not a waste of time and movies are a form of art so we cannot say they are a waste of time. Furthermore, movies provide social communication and a diversion for a person to breathe a new life.
Movies are the most favored form of entertainment and relaxation. People in today’s world are very stressed and they are going through a frantic life. The movies ease to relieve the stress from these people and relax their stressful minds. Moreover, one can spend more time with their family and friends while watching movies together. Some school trips also take students to cinemas to give them a break from studies and relax their minds from their occupied timetable.
Movies are a form of education system that helps people to educate through an entertaining form instead of only cramming books. Also, many movies are based on environmental and social issues. These types of movies influence on ordinary movies and vast strike on the society. They give lessons to people which are very convenient. The complications in a society are motivated to improve through these types of movies. As a result, the society tries to change for the better. It is very important for us to know the past of our world. The history we study is all learnt from the books and movies. Some movies tell us about the major historic events. Movies provide education in an innovative, creative and a fresh way.

In conclusion, my opinion is that movies are obliging to comprehend the lifestyle, tradition and dialect of a state and also for entertaining and relaxing purposes.

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, so they are not
What is this sentence?
(The complications in a society are motivated to improve through these types of movies. )
are obliging to comprehend the

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