Some think that government should tax unhealthy foods to encourage people to eat healthier, to what extend do you agree or disagree?




By some people, taxing unhealthy food is believed to be a motivator to start eating healthy. This essay disagrees with the idea of enforcing taxes on unhealthy foods and in the following paragraphs, we will discuss why it is not a good idea.

A wide variety of options are available for the consumers to choose from, however, people still choose to pick the food which is harmful for their health. Having said that, this is a bizarre idea to tax the food of their choice, so they start eating healthy food. People who love the so called unhealthy food will never settle for anything else, because of their inherited eating habits. Governments in different parts of the world imposed heavy taxes on cigarettes and other smoking items expecting people to give up this bad habit. On contrary, people continued to smoke and found so many alternate solutions but did not give up smoking. This gives us a clear message that people will not be encouraged by this method, and find some way to eat the food of their liking.

Healthy food around the world is very expensive and not easily available at all the places, unlike the unhealthy eating options, which can be found in every street. People’s financial situation is a very important factor to be considered when authorities are making any such decision. Money is a very important factor and plays a vital role in the choices of food people go for. Normally, healthy food(salads, juices) is twice expensive than normal food available in the markets. Authorities are ought to make decisions to lower the prices of healthy food, and in addition, they shall make sure that there are more options of healthy food available for the public. More healthy food outlets shall be opened and governments can provide an ease of doing business to these particular entities, naturally, people will have more options to select and the competition will also lower the prices.

In conclusion, we believe that additional taxes on basic need items like food, is not the best idea to encourage people to opt for healthy eating. Governments shall leave these decisions to people themselves, by providing them a competitive food market, where they can afford healthy food and access these places conveniently

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