The only effective way to deal with unemployment is to introduce rapid urbanization. How far you agree?




Unemployment is a very alarming situation which is rapidly growing in the countries especially in developing countries. When a number of people who cannot get a job is increased due to unemployment, the crime rate will be increased too.
A very effective way to increase employment is urbanization. Urbanization surrounds a lot houses, factories, industries, offices etc. when we introduce rapid urbanization we need to build houses. For this construction we need man powers which will lead to open many jobs and to handle human resources and other matters involved in urbanization we need offices and in order to run these offices we also need human resources. We need factories to manufacture products and materials needed for the new city. We need hospitals, roads, schools, colleges, government offices etc. so there will be an abrupt increase in employment. More urbanization brings more employment opportunities and after setting up a city we still need many resources to maintain the city. Urbanization has its own benefits too we will become developed and well educated because now we would have good colleges and universities at our door step. We have to spend less money when we study in our own city rather than travel to another city for the education and same case when we would need hospital related facilities.
So with rapid urbanization we can effectively control the unemployment issue.

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