Women and men are commonly seen having different strengths and weaknesses. Is it right to exclude males or females from certain professions because of their gender. Give reasons for you answers and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.




Male and females usually have different strengths and weaknesses. God made them that way in order to complete each other, not to compete with each other. I strongly believe that if males and females had equal strength and both were capable of doing everything. Than everything would be of the same importance as everyone would be able to do it. Men are stronger naturally, and women are multi-taskers so they should be offered to do the required job my keeping in mind their strengths and weaknesses.
On the one hand, women are deemed to be weak when it comes to physical strength, but they are experts at multitasking. Although female are not able to move or pick up heavy things while doing any job, they are on the other hand good at managing multiple tasks at once. Calmly, women are able to do a number of tasks without getting stressed. Therefore they should be offered jobs accordingly, by keeping in mind their positive and negative characteristics. For instance, majority of women I know are event managers, they manage multiple events some time being held in one day, and these multiple events include various duties to be looked after, like decoration, food, and entrance to the halls, etc. Only a woman can go through all the hassle while arranging events, calmly. On the other hand, despite that fact that men are not multi-taskers, they are extremely competent at using the muscle power they have while doing a job. Males are gifted with strength naturally, whether they look slim, or fat, they are still extremely capable of utilizing their strength while performing in job. Therefore, jobs that require lifting of heavy equipment should employ males only as they will fit the criteria, perfectly. For instance, movers and helpers that help a family move from one house to another, by lifting heavy household things and furniture. Shifting their entire heavy belongings form one house to another. Movers gets the furniture and equipment from one house , lift and load it carefully in a huge truck , or van in order to transport it to the another house. After reaching the other house, they have to unload the heavy belongings and place them according to the requirements of the house owner. All this heavy lifting is done by no one other than men. Men are perfectly suitable for this job.
To conclude, men and women are naturally different, they both have their own characteristics. Therefore, it is vital to offer them the jobs accordingly, by keeping in mind their strengths and weaknesses.

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