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In most of the scientific research, scientists done experiments on animals to get results of their research. This is the thing which is helping scientists from hundred of years to get cure of different disease and enable us to eliminate suffering. Despite of the fact that, testing on animals have done so much for animals but it is not justifiable to the suffering it caused to them. Moreover, some people do not eat meat due to some moral or healthy reasons. They think that it is immoral to kill animals and eat them and research shows that eating vegetables will reduce the chances of getting cancer. Although, there are some other people who has e other views. The says that vegetarian don’t live a balanced life.

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It is believed that animals have same respect and important like humans. Animals are great gift from nature they have valuable contributions for human life. Besides food and agriculture work animals have vital impact on humans physical and mental health for instance Dogs cats and birds give mental pleasure it can be use for therapy. So animals are friends in some case when a person didn’t feel alone in their presence.
Even though lot of benefits animal have but still they didn’t have much respect in the society they used for experiments hunting and in the zoo they have artificial environment where they entertain children without having much facilities. Until they loss their population growth without animals permission humans are hunting them there should be strict law against this brutality. It does not mean people who become vegetarian or pure non vegan that is unnatural which is not preferable.
However Government has law but their role should be like guardian totally works for their population growth, safety and health.

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