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Medical researchers,cosmetic companies and others often perform experiments on animals.Many people do feel that experimentation on animals is wrong and should be stopped immediately because animals do feel pain.In all over the world animal right activists are working hard to give awareness about the rights of animals and their behavior towards animals.In veterinary universities animals are used for experiments and in these experiments many of them lose their life and undergo severe pain.Animals are speechless,they cannot express their feelings.Animals are being killed at large scale to get their skin for making shoes,garments and ornaments.Many pharmaceutical firms conduct trials of new drugs on animals which is violation of animal rights.This killing and experiments should be stopped immediately.

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Totally agree. People have the choice to donate themselves for scientific research purposes, but what about animals?

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It’s not always that the experiments are harmful. Sometimes the experiments are done to help the animals themselves. Not that I support live animal experimentation, but we should keep in mind that the cure for pug (dog breed) asthma was discovered when experimenting on a pug. But they should not experiment on an animal until it is it’s only chance of survival.

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