Less socializing due to excessive usage of smartphones




Yes, I do agree with this statement that smartphones are making our society less social. No one goes around to relatives and talk, but instead, they just tune each other. Nobody wants to engage anymore and our smartphones which we love the most are killing our society. The times have absolutely changed. Those times were the best when everyone was engaged with each other rather than smartphones. Smartphones are here to break the connection of people. The generations ahead are nothing else than a robot. The phones are doing nothing but taking our lives.
Smartphones are ubiquitous everywhere, smartphone habit is here to stay and ruin our precious lives. Our lives which are full of colours are soon going to be black and white and the cause for this is going to be nothing else but our exquisite smartphones. There is no peaceful place left where people are engaging with one another! When people go for outing with relatives, they turn to use their phones and avoid those who are around them for company. This type of phone based behavior should be unacceptable. One day we all will do nothing else than grunt at one another while looking at our smartphone’s screen.
All most every person who owns a phone, has millions of friends online and they have only met a few of them personally and others are entirely strangers who they chat and waste their time with instead of giving time to their family. A dinner table is a joy at home as every individual of the house are present at the table and at this time a family should talk and discuss about their day but, in today’s lives everyone at the table is busy with their smartphones chatting with strangers. The fine art of face to face conversation is utterly destroyed.
Each and every person from adolescent to adult prefers to spend most of their time using smartphones. The flavor of love seen among families is just vanishing with the passage of time. No one basically tries to communicate with one another, participate in family discussions, meet and greet among each other. Dependence on mobile phones has remarkably changes everyone’s life. Our social life is being affected one way or another. Moreover, one needs to socialize more. Instead of spending a lot of time on gadgets, one needs to perform some extracurricular, attend gatherings, spend time with family and friends. One needs to understand that the only happiness they can get is from their families, other is just temporary. This is a proof that humanity is on a downward spiral where we’ll all eventually be pure loners incapable of empathy and emotion for one other.

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