Banning cars from city centers would be an efficient way to improve congestion and traffic flow. Whereas other people feel that this is an unrealistic solution. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.




Whether cars should be banned from city centers or not is a complex issue, and many people have strong feelings about it.
There are several reasons why cars should be banned from city centers. Firstly, it would reduce pollution which will result in better environment and lesser CO2 emissions. Secondly, there would be fewer accidents because of lesser traffic on roads. Thirdly, there would be no need of huge parking spaces and these parking spaces can be turned into parks. Lastly, people would be able to roam around shopping centers more conveniently due to no cars. All of this will also have a significant impact on our health too because, we humans are so much dependant on machines and technology that it has affected our health badly.
Nevertheless, there are some reasons why cars should not be banned from city centers. For instance, it would be very difficult for many people to travel to work. Majority of the people would have to use public transport which might get overcrowded and incapable of handling additional commuters. It will be difficult to ban cars from city centers because by doing so this will compromise the freedom of car users. Another reason is that cars are flexible mode of transportation due to its ease.
In my opinion, cars should be restricted from city centers during peak hours. It would be impossible to eliminate cars completely from city centers unless government introduces efficient and comfortable public transport for people. However, the problems of traffic congestion and pollution must be addressed.

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