Should students be required to take a foreign language course?




Should students required to take foreign language course? For that question I have pretty clear views.Its a no. Students should not be forced to learn and take foreign language course. to It should be optional not necessary for the kids.Students who are interested to learn a new language should take language course. Because if you make it compulsory for all the students to take the class weather he is interested or not this will put some extra pressure on them as they are not interested in learning it. They just waste their time in the class because they do not listen to the lecture teaching in the lectures about foreign language. I agreed being a bilingual have great benefits. You can go overseas you can speak an extra language that will help you to communicate with them. you can go on a trip in a different country it will help you their. It will help in your career.So in my opinion
foreign language course should be optional. Do not force kids to learn foreign language.


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