Some scientists believe that intelligent life forms may exist on other planets and some want to send messages to contact them. Others think it is a bad idea because these life forms may be too dangerous. Discuss both views and give your own opinion




It has been asserted that scientists must contact the foreign planets to make a good relationship with them while other opposes this statement as they might be a threat to those live on a planet Earth. In this essay, I will discuss both these views and why I consider that contacting them will not be without any danger as they are far more intelligent than us.

To commence, it is always good to have terms and connections with the smart people. For this reason, our scientists tries to establish connections with the people living in other planets. This is because, the scientists think that we can benefit from the advancements they made. To illustrate, it is impossible for humans to live in space while space population lives their without Oxygen. Therefore, contacting them seems like the need of an hour.

On the other hand, it was a custom in the primitive ages that the intelligent and powerful people dominates the weaker one. Therefore, making communication with the people of space may be very dangerous for us. For instance, if we are able to contact them and they consider it a threat to their community, they may impose a war on us and defeat will be our fortune as we will not be able to fight them due to their advance technology.

In my view, we should mind our own business and not provoke the peaceful citizens of other planets as they are not interfering in our lives.

To conclude, I reiterate that despite some benefits, we must avoid communicating alliens as they are more advance in the technology and can be a threat to a human life.

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