Many educational institutions give greater importance to subjects related to science and ignore subjects such as drama and literature. Why is this? Is this a positive or negative development?




It has been asserted that the majority of educational organisations preferred to study science subjects rather than arts and literature due to a concept that Scientific knowledge is necessary to learn for a better future and career. I, however, consider this approach quite optimistic as World needs more advancements which are only possible if we have studied Science and Technology.

To commence, Science studies are preferred in a major number of educational institutes. The most important reason, by and large, is the need for these studies in the development of our career and prosperity of a state. To illustrate, Scientists can earn more wealth due to their research like a vaccine is made for Hepatitis C recently, for which they received a Nobel price and cash of 1.1million dollar. Moreover,  advancements in technology render a country safe both economically and from wars. For instance, Nuclear weapons can provide cheaper energy which in turn reduce the cost of electricity to ordinary citizens of a state.

Moving forward, studying science rather than arts and literature is quite a positive development in term of financial stability for a state. This is because scientific development can earn more benefits while literature cannot. To cite an example, the prestigious fighter jets F-17 has manufactured by the government of Pakistan in collaboration with the Chinese government at very low prices while our neighbour country bought their fighter jets from France which cost them a huge sum of their annual budget. So the technological advancements can help a country to stand on its own two feet.

To conclude, I reiterate that Science studies must be a focus of the educational institutions as it produces a positive impact on the economy of a country and improves the security of a state as well. 

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