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In the exhausting routine of today’s life, people are often complaining about the less sleeping hours they get and the hardships they face due to lack of sleep. This essay will firstly discuss the side effects of less sleep and secondly how to prevent or improve the same.

Sleeping deficiency is a very common problem in this era and sadly the increase in this problem is very evident. People have a lot of monitory problems now a days, therefore, they tend to work overtimes and take extra shifts to manage their expenses. They are managing to meet the expenses they require, however, a lot of health related problems are being faced due to compromising their sleep. Lack of sleep causes immense mental pressure on people’s mind and lead to some dangerous diseases. For instance, an employee(security officer) of a firm had a big family to support,therefore, he started taking extra work shifts on daily basis and was left with a 5-6 hours sleep time everyday. Unfortunately, he did not realize the danger he was putting his body in and after some time adverse headaches and body pain started to appear and he was hospitalized for a couple of weeks. The diagnosis suggested that the main cause of all his health related issues is lack of sleep.

With every problem there is a solution available for those who are willing to find. Insomnia is a very common problem shared by the people and a lot of medicine and therapies are introduced to address this issue. Meditation is another way to distress ourselves and give ourselves a much needed peace of mind. A colleague of mine with similar problems took the online meditation sessions and tremendous improvement was noticed in his sleeping routine, hence, he was more fresh and active in the office, and in addition, he saved himself from the side effects of heavy medicine.

In conclusion, we must give importance to our body and do not over burdon ourselves with things, which compromises the sleep. Like every machine, human body is designed in a way, where sleep and rest is as crucial as food we take. Lack of sleep will only bring along misery and pain and we shall not look for temporary gains and shall have a minimum of 8 hours daily sleep.

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